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Vigintas Stankus

(1962 - 2018)

During his life Vigintas Stankus had made more than 80 personal and group exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad (France, Germany, USA, Spain, Norway, Netherlands etc.). His paintings traveled to buyers from South Korea, USA, Italy, France, Holland, Norway, UK etc.


His paintings are part of the Mo Museum and Lewben Art Foundation and many private collections.

Mainly abstract paintings are spontaneous and rich in texture. Vigintas Stankus' abstractions leave the space for imagination. Since the beginning, the style and media Vigintas was using, colors and rhythm of his canvases evolved many times allowing him to grow while continuing searching for the new forms of abstraction. 

His creative work credo “Positive thoughts and emotions reflect in each work“ strongly effected his paintings. Vigintas admired Japanese painting and is influenced by East philosophy. He had a black belt in karate, but last decade dedicated all his time and energy to painting.

Vigintas Stankus ir Kazimieras Bartkevic
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